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Where should the new PR convention be held?

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Dai Shi over at Power Ranger Empire brought up the idea of a new Power Ranger convention for all fans to take place in 2012. I’m promoting this (as you can tell the post is from November) so you all should hop into the discussion and give your input on a convention name, the location, dates, panels, and appearances. Update 1/9/09 7:17PM EDT – this thread cannot be viewed by non members of PRE.

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For sale – Beetleborg Matallix figures

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

I know Beetleborgs are not related to Power Rangers very much (except for the fact a couple of characters made an appearance in Forever Red), but I figured I’d post this item as I do like the series. Nukas is not up for sale… Let’s just say he was favored by the collector!


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Power Ranger Toy Empire now online

December 31, 2008 1 comment


Power Ranger Empire’s Toy Empire website has opened. The site contains information on all action figures produced based on all PR series, although there is work that needs to be done to specific series sections. We will let you know when updates have been made. Also a reminder that no toys are for sale through Power Ranger Toy Empire.

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Filming begins for ‘Euro Rangers’

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

The G.K.A Times has received word that filming for a European version of Power Rangers will begin soon. The Walt Disney Company recently bought a share of Jetix Europe earlier this month.

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The concept of a male Pink Ranger…

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

is just weird. Honestly if someone asked “who would make the best male Pink Ranger,” I would have absolutely no response. The other funny thing is some people obviously feel Jason (Red Ranger from season 1 of MMPR) would be a nice Pink Ranger.

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No episodes scheduled for today, tomorrow

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Just a notice that no new episodes (or any) will be airing on Toon Disney today or New Years day. Airing will pick up on Friday, January 2 at 9:30AM with Jungle Fury – Pizza Slice of Life.

Rangercast episode 107

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