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Kamen Rider: The Next review


A snippet of a Conflict Productions review…

The basic gist of the story is 2 different stories. First we have a horror movie like story in which people who listen to famous idol’s Chiharu’s song, “Platinum Smile” end up dying, pretty gruesomely might I add. The story converges into the main Kamen Rider story when we meet Hongo Takeshi, who is now a science teacher at a high school. He takes an interest on one of his students who is always cutting class and the such and as a result we learn that she was Chiharu’s best friend. She becomes resolved to find out what happened to her and Hongo joins the chase. In the midst of said chase they find out Shocker is up to something with the appearance of Kamen Rider V3 and other Inhumanoids.

Full review

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