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Save VR Troopers Campaign

Through the recent launch of VR Troopers Online and the Yuku message board accompanying the site PRangerX has one goal in mind and that is to create a fan community for the series and attempt to get the show to air on television again (original run from 1994 to 1996).

Thats right I want to start a campaign to bring VR Troopers back to the airwaves in some shape or form. Phase one is building VR Troopers Online into a massive database for the show. Phase 2 is getting this board populated with lots of VR Fans. Then from there, discussing ideas on how to get the show back on the air. This could involve emailing tv executives and toy companies. Let them know that we want VR Troopers episode to be seen on tv again. Let them know that we want VR Troopers toys again ( whether you collect toys or not this would be good for the franchise). It would also be cool to see some new VR Troopers Project be made. All this is a tall order. It will take a lot of time and patience.

We too would like to see something pretty sweet come out of this so you can always follow our links section to get to the new VR Troopers website as well as its messageboard.

  1. vr trooper fan
    October 21, 2009 at 6:22 PM

    oh my god this series is so kick @@@. i would kill to get it on dvd.

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