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Super Legends Green Ranger Toy review

Toy reviews are interesting – I never thought there was a whole heck of alot to talk about as opposed to VHS tapes or DVDs.

A portion of a Dork Dimension review…

Bandai did a great job capturing the look and feel of a real actor wearing Power Rangers spandex with this figure. A Power Rangers suit isn’t particularly complicated, but this figure has nice detailing in the boots and gloves, and the helmet sculpt seems perfect (especially in its scale compared with the rest of the body).

The paint apps are pretty nice. There’s a bit of slop around the teeth on the visor, but nothing too bad. The really cool thing, though, is that the plastic of the suit has a different finish to that of the helmet, so there’s contrast between the shiny helmet and the matte suit.

My main complaint is that the pegs for the joints are metal, which is a bit distracting. But overall, this is a fantastic looking figure.

Full review with images

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