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Jack Olesker may not be legit

Jack Olesker has challenged fans on RangerBoard to create their own Power Rangers series…

First and foremost, don’t completely revert to MMPR, even though you may love it. The idea here is that you’re thinking like an entertainment industry executive; not a fan. Entertainment industry executives are concerned about revenues and while there is strong interest in the original series, that’s not going to do a great deal for toy and action figure sales because most fans already have a huge amount of action figures. Even with newer (young fans) the MMPR action figures are out there and in today’s economic climate the parents of young kids are going to get the smart idea that they can buy those figures on Ebay for a lot less than they could the re-released original figures.

What you’ll need is to create new characters and new vehicles for a new series in order to create new action figures and new playsets that consumers will buy. The trick is to hit on that earth-shattering concept Jay talked about. Learn from the PR incarnations you didn’t care that much about. Think about why you didn’t care as much about them and think about what elements you would need in a totally new PR series that would shatter the earth. (And hey, maybe shattering the Earth has something to do with it.)

That said, you also want to pull in many of the fans who have been disgruntled about where the franchise has gone. So it’s not a bad idea to think about bringing back one or two of the old and much-loved characters. (And if you’re thinking about a certain cackling witch who forever resides in my heart, then you’re on the right track.)

So that’s the deal. I’m not talking fanfic here. I’m talking about creating a whole world and storyline for a new show that’s going to kickstart PR. And the real trick is: you gotta do it all in one page! Why one page? Because that’s all the time Jay’s boss in the Roy E. Disney Building in Burbank is going to have to initially spend on this.

Full challenge thread here. The challenge ends on Feb. 7 at 9:00PM EDT.

Rangernews is beginning to think this poster is really not Jack Olesker in reality as you will read in this post. To back up their beliefs they link to a post by Jackie Marchand, who was the Co-Producer of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, of which she tells fans to be “careful” regarding the idea. The Power Ranger Portal can not tell you much regarding this other than that you should probably listen to what Jackie has to say…

  1. Olesker
    February 2, 2009 at 10:31 PM

    Born at Billings Lying In Hospital in Chicago on Valentine’s Day, 1949. 8 pounds 10 ounces at birth. Attended Harvard School for Boys at 4731 S. Ellis in Hyde Park. Headmaster was Jerim Klapper. Mom’s name was Joan, middle name Claire. She passed away six years ago after a brave seventeen year battle against breast cancer and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. Good enough?

    Seriously, I appreciate Jackie being protective of everyone. As I said, I was only involved early on in writing the series bible for Haim. I moved on to other projects and really didn’t follow PR that closely.

    I’ve got a reason for doing what I’m doing and I think it’ll be fun if everyone’s just a little patient with me little longer.

    Honest, I’m a pretty nice guy. After all, my first job at DIC was story-editing The Care Bears. :)

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