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Interviews with season one villains

magnadefender Photo credit: Rovang.org | A member of RangerTalk posted an interview conducted with actors of MMPR season one villains. Actors interviewed include Barbara Goodson (Rita Ripulsa), Dave Mallow (voiced several roles in MMPR, Zeo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and Wild Force), and finally Kerrigan Mahan (Goldar and Magna Defender).

Mallow also voiced roles in the VR Troopers series.

Commentary: can the Magna Defender really be called a villain? Though it seemed so throughout most of his time in Lost Galaxy, in the end he was not of the villains.

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  1. clayandresen
    October 19, 2010 at 5:53 PM

    Dear Kerrighan I want to know if you and me get together and i was wondering if you are not busy on your movies can you help me on some power rangers moves to fight you for goldar and i have a power Ranger Morpher and a dragon dagger and a Green Ranger costume and i really excited to be in the movie i got a surprise for you if you come to Omaha NE or Wahoo Ne at my moms house and her address is 1715 N highway77 if we can do this movie at my moms house. so can we do this in next spring in 2011 april if if you get the chance and i would appreciate well you let me know when it.s gonna be. contact me next week.

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