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Chase Figure Poll Now Running

Wizard Universe is running a poll in which you can cast a vote for the next Power Rangers chase figure from Bandai. Here is the poll’s opening text just for you to get a sense on what you’re voting on (if we sucked at providing an explanation).

It’s been over 15 years…Power Rangers are officially retro! So while Bandai America is still putting out cool toys of the latest iterations, they’ve also been releasing limited chase figures featuring super-articulated versions of fan-favorite characters from years past. With fan-fave figures like the original Green and White Rangers under their belts, Bandai’s ready for the next round—but the choice is up to you! Whether you’re a Mighty Morpher or member of S.P.D.’s B-Squad, you can log onto wizarduniverse.com to make your voice heard! Take a look at these old figures and decide which you’d like to see get a makeover!

Vote here!

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