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“Handshake” PRO Thread Link

PRangerX opens RPM episode 5 discussion: (sorry for not covering this LAST WEEK – I promise this week I will cover everything as I did in the beginning)…

Handshake was another strong episode. I like how things are slowly being set up. Its nice that they remembered to have Ziggy have a little trouble fighting. I continue to like that Tenayal 7 has a personality. Having her really makes the villains more seriously. The idea of Tenayal’s hand chasing the Rangers was an interesting concept. And made for some interesting laughs.

I liked how Tenayal and Dillion we’re a match for each other. Its going to help keep Dillion’s abilities from dominating the show. I liked how this episode was about the Rangers overall and not just one Ranger. I loved how Doctor K’s blaster in the refridgrator was paid off by having it be used to destory the hand. The joke at the end with Doctor K was a funny twist. Its going to be interesting to see her true personality.

I think it was a little soon to start killing off the generals. Not that they we’re very interesting. But then again they could be rebuilt anyway. I thought it was kind of wierd how Venjix was already going to destory Tenayal. It was cool seeing her deal with the bots. It also seemed a little easy how Doctor K suddenly decided to reveal her true idenity to the Rangers.


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