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NPS Interviews Catherine Sutherland

First off, couldn’t resist posting this video…

Episode 61 of the No Pink Spandex podcast is an interview with Catherine Sutherland – who plays Katherine on PR Zeo.

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No Pink Spandex Episode 60: Captain Smoothie

Show Notes:

Hosted by: Lisa J, Katie, and Jer
Topics: Power Rangers RPM Episode 4 “Go For The Green”; Power Rangers Isn’t Over?; Matt Austin’s Pantsing; Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Download Here!

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NPS, RC Podcast Updates

Episode 59: To Catch A Predator, which focuses on last week’s RPM episode “Rain” has been posted. RangerCast episode 114: A Dry Rain was posted recently, and this year’s RC promo is up.

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NPS Podcast Update

Episode 58: Interview with Blake Foster now posted for listening.

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No Pink Spandex podcast update

Episode 57: Sweet Mother Molasses! has been posted and will cover the premiere of RPM, Executive Producers Judd Lynn, Eddie Guzelian, and the recent news of Power Rangers ending after this season.

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Rangercast podcast update

Episode 113: The Bittersweet Symphony has been posted. Of course this show will cover, yep you guessed it, RPM’s March 7 premiere!

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The new NPS launches…

Welcome to the new layout (and ultimately brand new site) for No Pink Spandex. Been working very hard on this, and I’m glad to finally reveal it! Here’s my plans for NPS in the near future:

1) More news. Since NPS is not going to be just a podcast anymore, I’ve decided to merge Ranger News into this site. You’ll see the results very soon!

2) More interviews. One is coming very very soon, and 3 are in queue. Can’t wait to release them!

3) More video. Some of you may know that I’m a videographer at heart, so I really want to get more video for this site, and not just interviews and covering conventions either. Fan films based on PR are popping up slowly, but I want to fully support even more. Maybe even create as well. That’s more of a long-term goal, but I’ll throw it in here because it needs to be stated.

Overall, I hope to make NPS your one-stop-shop for Power Rangers news: Audio. Video. Text. New motto, same good stuff.


Check out the goods here!

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