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Keeping Rangerboard online

I’m not totally sure if this was an April Fool’s post or not, but there was a post made on Rangerboard yesterday about keeping Rangerboard online come next year.

Rangerboard is allegedly shutting down once Power Ranger ends, but there’s confirmation that Power Rangers will be continuing for an 18th season.

Anyway you can show your support to keep the message board online if you wish here. Just thought I’d let everyone know!

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Erin Simms interview posted

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment


Read it here.

Olesker leaves RangerBoard

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I now will retire from this board with a personal apology to all of you and with an apology to all Power Rangers fans on all boards and everywhere around the web. I’ve truly enjoyed the interaction here and I am sad to go. I’m certain a good number of fans out there will say, for whatever reason, “Good riddance.” So in this at least I have made some of you happy.

Read Jack Olesker’s full thread

Olesker continued to post things about five hours later here (post content was deleted by Olesker apparently, though). Wait this is better – app. an hour after his farewell post he posts AGAIN.

Jack Olesker may not be legit

February 2, 2009 1 comment

Jack Olesker has challenged fans on RangerBoard to create their own Power Rangers series…

First and foremost, don’t completely revert to MMPR, even though you may love it. The idea here is that you’re thinking like an entertainment industry executive; not a fan. Entertainment industry executives are concerned about revenues and while there is strong interest in the original series, that’s not going to do a great deal for toy and action figure sales because most fans already have a huge amount of action figures. Even with newer (young fans) the MMPR action figures are out there and in today’s economic climate the parents of young kids are going to get the smart idea that they can buy those figures on Ebay for a lot less than they could the re-released original figures.

What you’ll need is to create new characters and new vehicles for a new series in order to create new action figures and new playsets that consumers will buy. The trick is to hit on that earth-shattering concept Jay talked about. Learn from the PR incarnations you didn’t care that much about. Think about why you didn’t care as much about them and think about what elements you would need in a totally new PR series that would shatter the earth. (And hey, maybe shattering the Earth has something to do with it.)

That said, you also want to pull in many of the fans who have been disgruntled about where the franchise has gone. So it’s not a bad idea to think about bringing back one or two of the old and much-loved characters. (And if you’re thinking about a certain cackling witch who forever resides in my heart, then you’re on the right track.)

So that’s the deal. I’m not talking fanfic here. I’m talking about creating a whole world and storyline for a new show that’s going to kickstart PR. And the real trick is: you gotta do it all in one page! Why one page? Because that’s all the time Jay’s boss in the Roy E. Disney Building in Burbank is going to have to initially spend on this.

Full challenge thread here. The challenge ends on Feb. 7 at 9:00PM EDT.

Rangernews is beginning to think this poster is really not Jack Olesker in reality as you will read in this post. To back up their beliefs they link to a post by Jackie Marchand, who was the Co-Producer of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, of which she tells fans to be “careful” regarding the idea. The Power Ranger Portal can not tell you much regarding this other than that you should probably listen to what Jackie has to say…

Is Jack Olesker really on RangerBoard?

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment

As many of you know Jack Olesker is the writer of the “series bible” of MMPR for Haim Saban. A post came up a couple of days ago from a person claming to be him, but some are skeptical. Olesker has worked on the creation of other television episodes such as The New Adventures of He-Man, Super Mario Bros., and TMNT. If the opener is really Olesker, welcome to RangerBoard. :)

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Erin Simms interview in the works

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment

mayaThere is a plan in the works to post an interview with Erin Simms, who was originally supposed to cast Maya from the Lost Galaxy series, though before the series began she was replaced with Cerina Vincent.

According to Soulspice, the member making the plans, Simms is interested in doing the interview. All that’s needed now is a plan on how this is going to work: fans post questions in the thread then they be sent, or should Simms be asked the same questions as Soulspice’s old interview with Audri Marchionno.

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Planned attack on RangerBoard?

December 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Yesterday someone appearing to be in need of attention posted on the RangerBoard forum that PowerAnimals was planning on taking the board offline. No one should immediately treat this as the end of RangerBoard as there’s an extreme lack of evidence, plus RB Administrators have the place backed up we’re sure.

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