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Power Rangers Samurai Article

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

A portion of a New York Post review…

As the latest super powered party of five enters the fray, a cheaply crafted bad guy cackles, “well, it’s about time!” But after watching two and a half minutes from the series premiere of “Power Rangers Samurai,” I’m not so sure that these heroes were worth holding out for.

Yes, the newly relaunched installment has all the horrible hallmarks we’ve come to expect from the franchise — shoddy acting, terrible costumes, cheesy dialogue — but I am taking serious umbrage with one particular alteration.

The medallions of power — which each member thrusts in unison when it is deemed Morphin’ Time — have transformed into cell phones. Not to give the bad guys any ideas here, but wouldn’t a masterplan that involves interrupting all cell service render them powerless? Just asking.

Check out the full article, with a sneak peek clip here


Ultraman: The Complete Series review

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Portion of IGN’s review:

This series eventually evolved into Ultraman, a show about a giant, skyscraper-sized extraterrestrial being that protects us from equally gigantic monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and other nefarious foes. Each week, Ultraman faces off against fantastically fun villains, destroying towns, villages, forests and cities along the way.


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RPM premiere review

A portion of a gaijiINside review…

I have been watching Super Sentai regularly for 10 years now. (Wow, I didn’t even realize it’s been that long now!) I have had put up with cute robots, talking dinosaur mechas, a singing plant, and Gaoranger! It takes a lot for me to not like a Sentai series, and Engine Sentai Go-Onger seemed to take all the bad elements from previous Sentai series and removed what I actually liked! I for one did not want an American adaptation of Go-Onger seeing how the past Power Rangers series were just inferior to the original source since Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The hour premiere of Power Rangers RPM not only proved me wrong, it has restored my faith in Power Rangers that was lost as it got moved to New Zealand.

Full review.

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Henshin Grid’s thoughts on RPM

Henshin Grid caught the 5AM premiere of RPM and has posted a review for the first two episodes.

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Super Legends Green Ranger Toy review

January 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Toy reviews are interesting – I never thought there was a whole heck of alot to talk about as opposed to VHS tapes or DVDs.

A portion of a Dork Dimension review…

Bandai did a great job capturing the look and feel of a real actor wearing Power Rangers spandex with this figure. A Power Rangers suit isn’t particularly complicated, but this figure has nice detailing in the boots and gloves, and the helmet sculpt seems perfect (especially in its scale compared with the rest of the body).

The paint apps are pretty nice. There’s a bit of slop around the teeth on the visor, but nothing too bad. The really cool thing, though, is that the plastic of the suit has a different finish to that of the helmet, so there’s contrast between the shiny helmet and the matte suit.

My main complaint is that the pegs for the joints are metal, which is a bit distracting. But overall, this is a fantastic looking figure.

Full review with images

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Kamen Rider: Kiva series review

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

A snippet of a ossai review…

Being the 9th installment in the Heisei Kamen Rider era, I am finding it increasingly hard to compare and rank each series. Although during the series run I was considering placing Kiva as my second favorite Heisei Kamen Rider series after Agito but after the ending and a deep look back, I believe I cannot rank shows anymore. Kiva has some pros and cons; some parts of the show are extremely well done while some do drag the series down. This is perhaps my greatest problem with Kiva, the things it does well in, it manages to excel at but the little flaws are also full blown and has affected my enjoyment of the show.

Full series review

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A pair of Jungle Fury reviews

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment

SciFi Japan has written reviews for Jungle Fury – Into The Jungle (Volume 1) and Way Of The Master (Volume 2). They also publish additional content on Jungle Fury as an introduction. Read what they have to say here.

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