Bandai sets up Facebook account

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Check it here.

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Saban interested in Arab television network

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Haim Saban is reportedly interested in purchasing 50% of the Arabic news network Al Jazzera. Talks between the company and Saban are ongoing.

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Disney remasters MMPR, New Toys on the way!

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The 1993 series will return to television on ABC Kids in January 2010. Bandai will be releasing a new line of toys to coincide with the return (toy advertisement here).

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RPM Volumes 3 and 4 to be Amazon exclusive

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Volume 3: Mastering the Machines and 4: Revved-up Rescue are to be sold exclusively through the online¬†shopping site, however no word as to when. A sneak peek of next year’s MMPR remastered series is included amongst the bonus feature.


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Bandai launces “Power Up Video Challenge”

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Bandai has launched the “Power Rangers Power Up Video Challenge” in which those who enter have to end the story of the video viewable on Bandai’s website. Endings need to either consist of photographs or a video. Contest ends December 15, 2009 at midnight Pacific time. Contest specifics also at the link.

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Disney announced RPM Volume 2 “Race For Corinth” (DVD) will be released on September 8th and will retail at $19.99 (US). Single disc.

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Licensing Show Preview Page Posted

Posted by BurgundyRanger at RangerBoard via TL Power Up from SPRC board (no links altered by me):

Disney Consumer Products has put up their preview page for the Licensing International Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in the Logo Kit section, towards the end on Page 4, is the generic “Power Rangers” logo Disney uses. Compare that to the 2008 Licensing Show page and Logo Kit where no PR logo was included and we only got one piece of Go-onger artwork at the show.

Note that this does not mean something related to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is in the works or will be announced. It is possible that Disney is only going to focus on “legacy” Power Ranger products instead of adapting a new sentai series. Also, more importantly, as Burgundy Ranger has mentioned in the past, it clearly indicates the Power Rangers property is not for sale, as why on Earth would any company be licensing out consumer products based on PR if they were going to sell the rights to it soon?

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