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New RPM Episodes, Air Dates, And Time Revealed

Burgundy Ranger has posted over at Rangerboard the titles for episodes 10 and 11 of RPM. 10, “Ranger Blue”, will air on Saturday May 2 at 12:30 and 11, “Doctor K”, will air Saturday May 9 at 12:30.

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TV-Nihon’s 2000th Release Is…

Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace Directors Cut!

Thanks to Henshin Justice Unlimited for the info!

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Super Legends Unlockables Posted


The website Softpedia is hosting some unlockables for Power Rangers Super Legends on the Nintendo DS. The game has been out for awhile, but maybe some readers have not found out about ALL unlockables. For those who want to read them go ahead and click here.

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No Pink Spandex Episode 60: Captain Smoothie

Show Notes:

Hosted by: Lisa J, Katie, and Jer
Topics: Power Rangers RPM Episode 4 “Go For The Green”; Power Rangers Isn’t Over?; Matt Austin’s Pantsing; Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Download Here!

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SPD 2005 Panel Audio

No Pink Spandex has found, in thanks to a Rangerboard forum poster, audio of the SPD Panel at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention in 2005. The panel included Matt Austin, Greg Aronowitz, Bruce Kalish, and Alycia Purrott.

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“Go For The Green” Discussion Links

Discuss yesterday’s episode at Rangerboard, Ranger Talk, or Rangercast and Power Rangers Online. I know there’s more spots, but I’ve come to the realization it does not really matter to list thousands (obvious exaggeration) of links to discussions on one episode.

Before I forget to mention Henshin Grid posted episode 4 on YouTube so check it out if you missed the episode!

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NPS, RC Podcast Updates

Episode 59: To Catch A Predator, which focuses on last week’s RPM episode “Rain” has been posted. RangerCast episode 114: A Dry Rain was posted recently, and this year’s RC promo is up.

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