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Hey guys, Ranger Blogger here.  As you may no doubt know the Portal has been unactive to say-the-least over the past year and a half.  But I wanted to make a note that I am still around and working on a possible comeback for the Portal – I check emails often and will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Oh, P.S. – Comments have been approved. Sorry for huge delay, heh. Stay tuned!

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Power Rangers Samurai Article

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A portion of a New York Post review…

As the latest super powered party of five enters the fray, a cheaply crafted bad guy cackles, “well, it’s about time!” But after watching two and a half minutes from the series premiere of “Power Rangers Samurai,” I’m not so sure that these heroes were worth holding out for.

Yes, the newly relaunched installment has all the horrible hallmarks we’ve come to expect from the franchise — shoddy acting, terrible costumes, cheesy dialogue — but I am taking serious umbrage with one particular alteration.

The medallions of power — which each member thrusts in unison when it is deemed Morphin’ Time — have transformed into cell phones. Not to give the bad guys any ideas here, but wouldn’t a masterplan that involves interrupting all cell service render them powerless? Just asking.

Check out the full article, with a sneak peek clip here

1995 fan letter to Tommy Oliver

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No Pink Spandex pulled this from the archives published in the June 30, 1995 issue of The Hartford Courant.

Changes to TMNT-featured PR episodes?

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Nick has purchased the rights to the TMNT CGI TV series, set to debut in 2012. There is also plans between Nick and Paramount Pictures to develop a film (also planned for 2012).

Some fans are wondering what will become of In Space episodes “Save Our Ship” and “Shell Shocked”. Will there be any edits? Join in on the talk over at RangerCrew.

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Thanks to Spandex Report

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I’d like to thank the Spandex Report for giving the Portal a mention in their October 18th edition!

Note: we haven’t been able to keep up with much podcast coverage, nor other smaller fandom coverage such as new web projects, videos, etc. So from now on please visit the Spandex Report for all things covered of that nature. Thanks!

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Star Points RangerCrew Discussion threads

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Ultraman: The Complete Series review

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Portion of IGN’s review:

This series eventually evolved into Ultraman, a show about a giant, skyscraper-sized extraterrestrial being that protects us from equally gigantic monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and other nefarious foes. Each week, Ultraman faces off against fantastically fun villains, destroying towns, villages, forests and cities along the way.


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