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You Know What Sucks?

There was a coupon for a special discount on any Power Ranger toy from Bandai – the only problem was by the time I checked my email the coupon expired. The coupon was apparently good through April 13-19… Sorry I didn’t get to it sooner! Thanks to Vivian for sending the item in tho!!

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updates continue to lack every passing day and week. i’m sorry. the fact of the matter is this will probably continue. Interest may be slipping in the Portal which ultimately results in me losing interest in keeping it up…

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Power Rangers: Samurai Strike

April 9, 2009 14 comments

I came across a thread at Ranger Talk and it revolved around the possible next season. A fansite has been developed dubbed “Power Rangers: Samurai Strike” in which you can see zord, weapons and a plot idea. Fans are posting season names as well so catch them here.

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Why do you ‘hate’ RPM?

April 9, 2009 1 comment

If you’re all for bashing the new Power Rangers season this is the thread for you! What are some of the reasons you’re not happy with RPM?

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Power Ranger T-Shirts Available Now

The Teens ‘N Things website has added a new section for T-shirts with Power Ranger designs on them. There’s one now available for $18.95. Figured you may want to check it out. If you do click here!

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NPS Interviews Catherine Sutherland

First off, couldn’t resist posting this video…

Episode 61 of the No Pink Spandex podcast is an interview with Catherine Sutherland – who plays Katherine on PR Zeo.

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Namihei Koshige Posts RPM Set Photos

namiheiHenshin Grid has discovered the blog of Namihei Koshige, suit acror that has been with Power Rangers since 1995.

He has posted some cool set shots from RPM. You can either view them on Koshige’s blog or some on Henshin Grid.

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