Portal News

10-24-09 Power Morphicon 2 page added.

3-15-09 Recently our discussion directory was deleted therefore we will cover SOME discussions going on here. Sorry for deleting to those who liked the idea we just feel it saves more time doing it this way.

3-6-09 The launch of the discussion directory. NOTICE: link no longer working.

3-4-09 We’re working on a new feature. Something should happen with it by the end of the week which means soon! Keep checking back for an announcement on the main page!

1-26-08 Sorry kiddies-forum went bye-bye!

1-18-09 Here is a link for cast members birthdays thanks to the RangerCast forum.

1-17-09 Henshin Justice Unlimited link added.

1-17-09 Rangernews link added. A reminder that anyone can submit links to their own websites, or sites you think we may find interesting and have missed. Links and other feedback can be submitted at prportal@ymail.com

1-16-09 New PRO discussion forum and VR Troopers Online forum links added.

1-14-09 VR Troopers Online link added.

1-10-09 Corrected link to Power Rangers Online. Star Points portal link added.

1-9-09 It feels good showing up on a Google search. This shows that there’s at least some interest taken by you guys to the PR Portal. Thanks! I’ve also noticed I’ve been getting a mention across the fandom, very nice! It is really appreciated.

1-8-09 Oh you know-apologizes for the lack of updates. There should be more frequent updates due to what I planned on covering through PR Portal, but unfortunately real life stuff happens. Just letting you know this place is not dead and you should naturally expect lacks of updates here and there. Sure you did, but just making sure. ;)

1-3-09 In the process of adding new links on the main page.

12-31-08 A bit early, but I hope everyone has a good New Years.

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