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1995 fan letter to Tommy Oliver

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

No Pink Spandex pulled this from the archives published in the June 30, 1995 issue of The Hartford Courant.


Licensing Show Preview Page Posted

Posted by BurgundyRanger at RangerBoard via TL Power Up from SPRC board (no links altered by me):

Disney Consumer Products has put up their preview page for the Licensing International Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in the Logo Kit section, towards the end on Page 4, is the generic “Power Rangers” logo Disney uses. Compare that to the 2008 Licensing Show page and Logo Kit where no PR logo was included and we only got one piece of Go-onger artwork at the show.

Note that this does not mean something related to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is in the works or will be announced. It is possible that Disney is only going to focus on “legacy” Power Ranger products instead of adapting a new sentai series. Also, more importantly, as Burgundy Ranger has mentioned in the past, it clearly indicates the Power Rangers property is not for sale, as why on Earth would any company be licensing out consumer products based on PR if they were going to sell the rights to it soon?

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An 18th Season Possibly Not In The Works

Henshin Justice Unlimited has gotten word that an 18th season of Power Rangers MAY NOT be in production at this point as others have thought. I will cover new rumors and developments as they become open.

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Super Legends Unlockables Posted


The website Softpedia is hosting some unlockables for Power Rangers Super Legends on the Nintendo DS. The game has been out for awhile, but maybe some readers have not found out about ALL unlockables. For those who want to read them go ahead and click here.

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Power Rangers Not Ending

According to Action Figure Insider Bandai and Disney will be working on Power Rangers in 2010.

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No filming for an 18th season

Producer Sally Campbell has said the following to the Weekend Herald, of the New Zealand Herald: “at this stage we will not be shooting another season”. Full article from the New Zealand Herald

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Evidence of RPM being the last season

March 4, 2009 7 comments

We’ve just come across Linear Ranger’s post on February 27th “Power Rangers RPM – The Final Live Action Season“. This is especially interesting as we only briefly touched upon this possibility, thinking this was only a fan-oriented discussion without any major evidence out there. Now Linear Ranger is only talking about RPM being the final season in the LIVE ACTION version, not PR in general. Or are we wrong? You also might want to read Burgundy Ranger’s latest BREAKING NEWS update focusing on the end. It is a bit depressing to say the least. Hey, Power Rangers couldn’t last forever could it? Maybe we’re all just putting the cart before the horse… Only time will tell! A truly interesting discussion…

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